These Stacking Planters and Wall Planters are perfect for a Vertical Garden. See our extended range here.

Growin Pods and Growin Plaques are revolutionary to patio, balcony or courtyard gardening!

At Stackapots Pty Ltd we have been behind the innovation of various vertical gardening concepts for the past 20 years. We’ve invented many ground breaking designs to suit confined spaces or to effectively take advantage of space not previously considered valuable for home or commercial gardening.

… We now have two entirely new concepts available in plant pot technologies to suit any growing environment!

Growin Pods are a state of the art combination of all previous designs and more. They are Stackable Planters, Wall Planters and Corner Wall Planters all in one. It has taken over 2 years of design and prototyping to deliver a product that has the total versatility provided by these very attractive modular planters. The design of such a versatile planter that can also provide an impressive self-watering feature and directional drainage system was a design break through. We believe this will be the key to its future popularity and the force that will drive its success and overall public patronage way into the future. Growin Pods have the edge over all previous Stacking Planters and Wall Planters in that it may be positioned into any format in any location and maintain an attractive effect for the chosen job of Vertical Gardening. They can be arranged to plant into a 90° Corner Wall Planter, flat back on a 180° wall or Fence as a Stackable Wall Planter, around a 270° corner as an L shaped Wall Planter or simply stacked into a free standing 360° Stacking Planter array.

Growin Plaques planters are an aesthetically pleasing smart greenwall planting system. They are fashioned from a sculptured recessed backing panel and lobed outward protruding Facia panels. Both panels are so easily separated to remove a spent plant and its root ball and replaced to plant up another plant in seconds. When the Facia panels are engaged and locked onto the rear backing panel producing an effective Wall Planter and large growing areas are formed, large enough to generously support the growth of Herbs, Salad Vegetables, Strawberries, Annuals, Perennials, Succulents, Cacti, Bulbs, Bromeliads, and Ornamental Grasses Etc. The new Growin Plaque’s recessed backing panel has been adapted to accept off the shelf irrigation fittings to quickly attach to the rear of the backing panel inlets to supply irrigation to irrigator Spray jets positioned within the growing areas on the front of the Growin Plaque.

Growin Plaques have the edge over other greenwall planting systems providing  a very economical method to tile an entire wall with attractive colour keyed plaques with larger growing pockets supported by a simple and effective irrigation system making them the perfect Self-Watering Wall planter. They are built strong with a very decorative architectural design made from food grade high quality Polypropylene Co-Polymers and the highest UV stabilizer pack additive and will stand the test of time.