For your vegies and your flowers…

Growin Pods are a revolution to patio, balcony or courtyard gardening.

At Stackapots Pty Ltd we have been behind the innovation of various vertical gardening concepts for the past 20 years. We’ve invented many ground breaking designs to suit confined spaces or to effectively take advantage of space not previously considered valuable for home or commercial gardening.

… an entirely new concept in plant pot technology!

Growin Pods are a state of the art combination of all previous designs and more. It has taken over 2 years of design and prototyping to deliver a product that has the total versatility provided by these very attractive modular planters.

The design of such a versatile planter that can also provide an impressive self-watering feature and directional drainage system was a design break through. We believe this will be the key to its future popularity and the force that will drive its success and overall public patronage way into the future.

Growin Pods have the edge over all previous planters in that it may be positioned into any format in any location and maintain an attractive effect for the chosen job required.

Please view our video to discover some of the possibilities.

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